Look Again

Wow, what a beautiful frozen waterfall!  I can’t wait to go ice climbing on that.  All I need are my harness, helmet, crampons, ice tools, and I am set and ready to go.  But, wait…are there still leaves on the trees?  How can that be?  With that much ice frozen and ready to climb, surly the leaves from a deciduous tree would have fallen off by now.  Hmm, something isn’t quite right here.  Besides if this frozen waterfall was big enough for me to climb, then the person in the background should be a lot smaller. This could only mean one thing.  Someone has photoshopped the picture.  Or, it is not really a frozen waterfall.  If you decided it is not really a frozen waterfall, you would be correct.  This is actually a picture of Bear’s Head Tooth Fungi (Hericium).

Well, since I can’t go ice climbing, I might as well go have a snack.  Nothing makes me happier than peanut butter and chocolate.  Hey, are those buckeyes?  They sure look like it with the ball full of peanut butter in the middle and chocolate outsides.  However, it appears the chocolate on these have been shaped like a star.  I wonder how they did that?  Again, this could only mean one thing.  Either the candy maker is really talented at making chocolate or these aren’t really buckeyes.  If you said, these aren’t really buckeyes, you would be right again.  Rather, they are a type of Earthstar Fungi (Geastrum).

There are numerous species of fungi throughout the world.  Go outside and discover a cool-looking fungi in your area.  Just remember, don’t eat any fungi, even if it looks as delicious as a buckeye, unless you are 100% sure it is edible.


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