Living on the Edge

Reservations have been made for months; however, I haven’t allowed myself to contemplate the reality of what I am signed up to do.   Nonetheless, time doesn’t stop, and before I know it, the countdown has begun.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…one more day until I go skydiving.  Starring me in the face, I must face reality.  Tomorrow, I will be jumping out of a perfectly good plane because months ago I thought it sounded like a great idea.  Though daunting, the thought of it actually made me leap for joy, for I was about to try something new.  Driving to the airport the unexpected happened.  My heart started beating faster, and I could feel a tightness in my chest.  No, I wasn’t having a heart attack; it was my body telling my brain that I was indeed nervous about skydiving.  Of course, my brain responded with, “This is going to be so awesome!”

Falling at 120 mph with wind hurling past my ears, I scream with joy and wonder why I had been nervous.  The sensation you experience during freefall can’t be simulated anywhere else.  Being a speck in the sky unseen by the naked eye until your parachute is deployed is a one of a kind experience.  That day not only did I try skydiving for the first time, but I pushed myself just past my comfort zone causing me to grow as an individual.  I encourage you to seek out an activity that will push you just past your comfort zone and cause you to grow as well.

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