Get Lost…in the Wilderness

Well, don’t actually get lost geographically speaking, but take the opportunity to truly lose yourself in the wilderness.  Free your mind of worry, stress, and anxiety.  Take a deep breath and relax as you marvel at the wonders in nature.  I challenge you to pull out a map, look for greenspace, and visit a park you’ve never been to before. (Of course, if you are a minor, make it a family event).

I did that today with my Stand Up Paddleboard and discovered memories that will be with me for a lifetime.  With 18-20 mph winds, the main lake was choppy to say the least, so I found what appeared to be a cove.  To my surprise the waterway twisted and turned leaving me to wonder what lie around the next bend.  Eagerly I paddled, senses heightened, as I marveled at the beautiful fall foliage. Red, orange, yellow, and green leaves formed an archway around the waterway as a blue heron flew overhead.  Next, a row of conifer trees lined the left bank creating a wind tunnel.  One strong paddle stroke after another made no difference as I was moving nowhere despite my effort.  The wind was winning as ripples formed in the water, and my board tried to turn downstream.  Nonetheless, I was persistent. Surely the wind gusts would die down soon.  Four strokes later, I had my opportunity as the wind took a deep breath, and I paddled upstream pass the wind tunnel to find a shallow “mini-pond” with geese swimming.  My presence prompted continuous honking, which translated to me as, “Good job! Congratulations! You did it!”

Paddling downstream with the wind pushing me along, I reflected on my journey, “It’s not just about trying to survive in the wilderness; it is about living it.  The best way to do that is to be inspired by new explorations.”

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