The Appalachian Trail brought them together.  Is there anything that can tear them apart as they discover the secrets of the “Window Adventures”?


* * * * *


Book #1


Dream Seeker: Surviving White Blaze Fever


As a fifth grader, Sarah McEvans is asked what she wants to do in life.  Talk about a loaded question for someone of her age.  However, it is a question she does not take lightly.  Daydreaming about her future, she reflects on her past.   She is going to be an Outdoor Guide, but she cannot do it alone.  Dragging her best friend, five strangers, and Miss Brand on an Appalachian Trail backpacking trip, Sarah is prepared for blisters, bears, and storms.   But, does she have what it takes when the group suffers from white blaze fever?



Book #2


Angel: Biking Canada to Mexico


Yesterday I went scuba diving with a sea turtle in a colorful garden of coral.  The day before that I went island hopping in my kayak.  Today, I am going stand up paddleboarding in the Great Lakes, and tomorrow…tomorrow, I am going to Alaska to race in the Iditarod.  Even as a sixth grader, Angel knows what she wants, and how to achieve it.  However, when officials announce the closing of the school, her world is turned upside down.  Along with memories of her deceased mother, secrets to her adventures reside in the school.  Will a bicycle ride through three countries in four days be enough to save the school and Angel’s secret?


* * * * *

Books are unavailable for purchase at this time.  Please contact R.M. Nagle to be notified once books are published.  Until then, follow the Get Out & Go section to discover new outdoor adventures!