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R.M. Nagle

Awesome Outdoor Opportunities Await You!

Staring out the window, large buildings fill my gaze; however, I know there is something more invigorating just beyond the metal jungle gym.  I know this because I have taken the initiative to travel beyond what is perceived from the window.  I have challenged myself to go scuba diving with sharks, eels, and sea turtles.  I have kayaked alongside a pod of dolphins.  I have backpacked the Grand Canyon, sections of the Appalachian Trail, and Europe.  I know about and have experienced the awesome adventures that await those who seek them, so now it is my turn to introduce you to the magic of the outdoors.


Whether you are an avid outdoor explorer or exploring the outdoors for the first time, I invite you to experience the “Window Adventures.”  Who knows, this might provide just enough insight and motivation to help you plan your next outdoor adventure.


See you outside!


R.M. Nagle


Meet R.M. Nagle

R.M. Nagle had the privilege of growing up on a small farm in rural Ohio.  Every day after school her sisters and she would care for the horses.  If time allowed, they would sneak behind the barn and make mud pies.  During the summer her family and she would go “horse camping” in which they rode their horses on the bridle trails during their camping excursions.  R.M. Nagle’s love for nature continued as she entered high school.  She joined the Venture Scouts where she learned how to backpack, downhill ski, paddle, snorkel, and cave.  These experiences paved the way for her to become Student Manager at the Outdoor Resource Center at Wright State University where she led kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, and other outdoor adventure trips.  R.M. Nagle continues to educate the community about outdoor recreation through her job with the local Metroparks.  It is her dream that youth everywhere have the opportunity to experience the outdoors just as she did when she was a child.