Window Adventures

Learning about outdoor activities can be intimidating.  How do I?  What if?   Where is?  Questions and thoughts transform our minds into the final level of a seemingly unconquerable video game.  Fearful of the outcome, we close the blinds, lock the doors, and refuse to step foot outside again.


The thought of this perspective being remotely plausible scares me more than a bear attack, diving accident, or getting lost in the woods.  The idea of anyone foregoing outdoor adventure because of fear of the unknown is disheartening.


The “Window Adventures” series understands intimidation and fear of the outdoors, but it doesn’t encourage abandoning the outdoors.  Conversely, it thrives on captivating the reader to the point they believe they are actually on an outdoor adventure.  Readers can visualize being on a backpacking, cycling, or scuba diving expedition.  Not only does the “Window Adventures” series captivate the reader with an outdoor adventure story, it provides educational tips and tricks anyone can apply to their next outdoor adventure.


Join a diverse group of middle school students as they discover more than the outdoors; they discover who they are and what they can accomplish.  Most importantly, they discover the adventures awaiting them just beyond their window.


Be brave…don’t let fear and intimidation overcome you.  Read the “Window Adventures” series, and transform your life into an outdoor loving, adventure seeking maniac!