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    I couldn't stay inside any longer. The world just outside my window was calling my name. Mountains waiting to be conquered and breathtaking landscapes begging to be discovered. Unable to resist, I followed my heart and created an adventure.

Explore the world just outside your window!

Adventurous Heart

We waste our lives saying, "I should have, could have, if I would have, then I might have." The days of wishing you were something more are over. Follow the adventures in your heart, and try something new and invigorating today.

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Window Adventures

Follow Dream Seeker and her friends on outdoor excursions as you read the "Window Adventures" series.

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Get Out & Go

Life is meant to be full of adventures. Don't let yours be defined by four walls and a roof. Look beyond your comfort zone and explore the great outdoors. Follow me for ideas and inspiration for your next adventure.

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